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0800-0850  Onsite Registration

0850-0900  Welcome Remark by Conference Moderator

0900-0920  Outlook of China Cross Border E-Commerce 2018-2019 with Policy Updates

0920-0940  Latest Trends, Figures and Policy Challenges in the US and European Ecommerce Market

0940-1000  How to Make Breakthroughs by the Aid of Cloud Platform and AI

1000-1020  Building Consumer Finance Scenario Based on Cross Border Ecommerce by Payment Entrance

1020-1040  How to Make Success in the Chinese Market for Foreign Brands-Chinese Consumers’ Expectation and Tendency

1040-1100 Coffee Break & Networking

1100-1120  Select Suitable Cross-Border Supply Chain Partners to Hit Succes

1120-1140  How to Overcome Logistics Pain in Cross Border eCommerce?

1140-1200  Boosting Your Sales through Integration of Content + Community + eCommerce

1200-1220  How to Make Breakthroughs by Smart Retailing for Cross Border e-Commerce Players  

1220-1240  Avoid Risks and Improve Performance in Cross Border e-Commerce using Insurance or Credit Rating

1240-1300  China Cross-Border Ecommerce Industry Annual Awarding Ceremony 2018

1240-1400  Buffet Lunch

1400-1420  How to Break the Payment Bottleneck of Cross-Border Ecommerce

1420-1440  Making Your Product Traceable for Cross Border E-Commerce By Blockchain Technology

1440-1500  Use SaaS to Achieve Maximum Returns in Cross Border E-Commerce

1500-1520  The Application of Big Data in Cross-Border Ecommerce

1520-1540  Cross border e-commerce New mode-Achieve Global Project Turnkey by Integration of Suppliers and Systematic Cooperation

1540-1600  Coffee Break & Networking

1600-1620  Outlook of e-Commerce and Market Exploring Strategies for Russia, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and etc,.

1620-1700  Panel Discussion by Cross-Border Ecommerce Import Leaders            

1700-1740  Panel Discussion on Cross-Border Ecommerce Export Emerging Market

1730            Closing Remarks

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